No More Rain Dances

Okay, okay, okay. All right already. Stop with the rain. Enough. Let the sun shine – like non-stop for a month. Heck, if I knew that my last weather request was going to be answered in waterfalls I would have put in a new order sooner. The yard feels like we are walking on soaked sponges. Barnyard is a mire – won’t be able to spring clean that for a week or so. Weeds that were pulled out and disposed of have been replaced with new growth thanks to the nonstop torrents of water and no opportunity to put out the rest of the Preen. Weed & Feed still on hold also. Flower pots and barrels still empty.

I was so relieved the COE controversy was over with and it was time for spring yard work, planting of flowers. Had everything ready to go and no sooner did we get started than the drought ended. Doom and gloom dark clouds, rain, wind and hail. Golf ball size no less on Trivia night last month and There I was at Mizza’s with my car parked outdoors. And all the while I owned a perfectly good garage sitting empty at home. It was a miracle there was not a mark on the vehicle when we left the restaurant triumphant later in the evening.

So indoor spring cleaning has been the name of the game, no doubt for many others besides myself. Not nearly as much fun but nonetheless necessary to some degree. I never could get into totally overhauling and washing down all walls, ceilings and windows throughout the whole house every spring and autumn like women used to do relentlessly back in the day. But it has been happening this spring. at least until we get a run of good weather.

Pray for sun so not only will the flowers get planted, Weed & Feed spread on lawns, as well as Preen put down to suppress the weeds, but also for the sake of the farmer’s crops and the making of hay. Let the sun shine.