The Obamacare Plague

One thing I do share with Dick Boyle is the pleasant hiatus from political debate since my last posting in June. The Salisbury COE debate was interminable, exhausting for all and summer provided us all with a blessed respite. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. How I wish that would be the case for the horrors that we are subjected to by intrusive, dictatorial government. Those traumas and terrors tend to be impervious to efforts that would eliminate them from the backs of the people. The continuing Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act) debacle is the latest case in point.

First, it was written in secrecy and voted on out of ignorance – no one was allowed to read, analyze or debate the contents before voting on it. Afterwards, no one could understand the convoluted, interwoven mess of insanity in order to competently plan for it on any level. It was passed by the Democrat controlled House and Senate, and signed by Pres. Obama in disdainful defiance of the expressed will of the vast majority of American’s opposition. At the same time the Obama administration – notoriously incompetent – predictably hired political cronies to build the Obamacare internet website.

Those of us who understood from the beginning that the purpose of the bill was to destroy private healthcare insurers so that ultimately the government would be the single payer controlling all medical care, sat back to watch the fiasco unfold. At the same time we continued to issue periodic warnings while also struggling to find a way to derail the train before it wrecked the lives of everyone in the United States. It would be funny if it were not so tragic.

Healthcare insurance company’s financial viability and the level of employment they provide – particularly here in Connecticut – are fast diminishing. Healthcare insurance companies are ultimately going out of business and their employees will join the ranks of the unemployed. They are having to eliminate large numbers of the population from coverage, are firing doctors from their participation lists, and there is no safety net for those left out in the cold without coverage because there is no way to register in a timely fashion online for the ACA.

After three years building the government website, we are now the proud owners of a non-functioning computer nightmare that illustrates the dangers of hiring political cronies instead of competent, experienced, independent professionals. Private corporations hire truly qualified, knowledgeable companies to build intricate websites designed for massive visitor traffic all the time. Their new websites are constructed within a few months, commonly debuting without any problems. What do we get after three years and about seven hundred million dollars ($700,000,000)? Complete failure to function, along with Kathleen Sebelius whining that they just needed five years to do it in rather than only three!

It was obvious to those of us with functioning brains and even a rudimentary ability to judge politician’s veracity, that Pres. Obama was lying when he said people would be able to keep their doctors and current plans if they liked them. These were complete lies and unarguably outside the realm of possibility. There has never been a government program that has ever, in the history of mankind, resulted in anything costing less than it did before the government got involved or functioned the way it was supposed to. So the promise that the ACA would result in lower prices, that it would lower the rising cost of healthcare and improve the quality of our healthcare while being “fair” were just more lies added to the mountain of lies the American people had already been fed by Pres. Obama.

Wish I could say that we got what we deserved, but that would not be true. Over seventy percent of the nation opposed this legislation, the way it was written secretly and passed without vetting. The people spoke and the Democrats refused to listen. The dictatorial Democrats did what they wanted to do for whatever politically self-interested and corrupt reasons they had, and the people be damned.

The seventy percent of the population that hounded and begged Congress not to pass the Affordable Care Act does NOT deserve what they are being subjected to. The people losing their jobs and having to find new part-time employment to support their families, the people losing their doctors and preferred healthcare coverage, the terrified folks tossed off their private plans trying unsuccessfully to tap into the government coverage – these people do not deserve this abuse.

The people who do deserve what they get now are the fools that voted to re-elect our Liar-In-Chief. The rest of us are being tortured and tormented undeservedly. Thanks a lot to those responsible for perpetuating the stupidity and corruption. At the rate people all over the country are losing their healthcare insurance, there will be more people newly without coverage than there are signed up for the government coverage via the pathetic, dysfunctional Obamacare website. Almost a half million more citizens have lost their healthcare coverage in Florida and California just during the last couple days alone.

The Democrats and Pres. Obama would have been smarter to compromise with the GOP over delaying the Individual Mandate for a year in order to allow more time to straighten out the mess on the government website. The only problem with that is Pres. Obama claims no one told him ahead of time about the website problems.

Perhaps if the President and the moribund Harry Reid had known about it two months ago, they would have seized the opportunity to delay the implementation. Oh, well, it is another opportunity lost. Lost because the President has no control over his administration and the staff systematically withholds vital information from him, preventing him from dealing with impending disasters in a competent way to minimize or avoid the disaster altogether. What a President Barack Obama is – he displays ignorance, incompetence, irrationality, intransigence and no leadership ability.

In the meantime, the nation flounders about trying to find a cure for the hemorrhaging of healthcare insurance providers, medical coverage and their jobless formerly attendant employees – on top of atherosclerotic blockages in the ACA website. We find ourselves faced with increasing numbers of patients, a decreasing number of doctors to provide healthcare services and the steady demise of our hospitals.

There is no escape from the unrelenting plague of Obamacare that brings only disaster and destruction every place it spreads throughout our healthcare system and economy. Welcome to socialized, government-run medicine and get ready to die unmercifully. You can only pray that death will be quick, but there are no guarantees with this disease. And like all previous government controlled entitlements, there is not escape, no end to it other than death.


Messiah Obama’s Contraception Mandate vs. Our First Amendment Rights – No Deal!

The most recent power grab by Pres. Obama – nullifying the First Amendment by forcing the Catholic Church along with its adoption agencies, hospitals and schools, to pay for insurance covering contraception services for women – has been fascinating to watch.  Pres. Obama’s many assaults on the Constitution belie his experience as adjunct professor of Constitutional Law.  Perhaps the emphasis was on “adjunct” and less on “professor.”  The man gives every appearance of either total ignorance of the subject or he has nothing but the utmost contempt for the Constitution.  Take your pick, but neither choice is admirable or worthy of any following.

Having stupidly stepped into a world of cow manure, our secular Messiah Obama, imitating the quick and evasive weasel as only he can do, came up with another excellent plan.  Surely the Catholics and other defenders of the First Amendment would be too silly and blind to figure out the ramifications of the new insurance mandate.  Our hero is just too, too brilliant for anyone to be able to outsmart him by unraveling such a clever alternative!  And just think how wonderful it is to be able to deny that there is any “compromise,” because there truly is none.  Just a dishonest end run around the backside of the First Amendment and the Catholic Church.  Problem solved, right?

Wrong.  The new insurance mandate just incorporates the cost into higher premiums for the whole insured pool. The Church will still pay for abortion and contraception services against its conscience and faith as detailed by the Wall Street Journal .   Now we have the pro-choice extremist groups claiming that the President’s “promise” to revisit and fix the details after the election is something we can trust.  I think I will take Archbishop Dolan’s recent comments on the President’s veracity and trustworthiness to heart instead.  The promises Obama made to Archbishop Dolan last August were a pack of lies, and we have absolutely nothing we can depend upon to lead us to believe the President is to be trusted now.  There can be no compromise, to obfuscations, no negotiating, no nonsense regarding the First Amendment and the fundamental illegality of government interference with our principles of religious faith and practice.