A Purging of Posts and Prayers For All

I am pleased to point out to anyone interested that certain political posts, that caused distress to a local gentleman whose serious health condition was absolutely unknown to me at the time, have been removed from this blog in order to avoid causing him or his family any additional unhappiness.

Unfortunately, due to a legal action, it was not possible to remove them sooner, which I would have been more than willing to do if the gentleman’s condition had been brought to my attention and a request made through a simple phone call, letter or even an email. Unfortunate because the removal would have been made instantaneously last year if someone had simply asked. Instead, the court system was dragged into the matter, resulting in an unavoidably long delay in achieving the desired outcome.

The matter has now reached a sensible and predictable conclusion, and that being the case, I have voluntarily removed the posts immediately upon hearing the good news from my attorney this afternoon.

The gentleman and his family have my apologies for the embarrassment and anguish the posts caused at such a difficult time in all of their lives. Had I known of his condition and in spite of his very energetic, outspoken pubic political activities and position as a public official, the posts would never have been written.

I wish nothing but God’s blessings and comfort on him, his family and friends, and I pray for all their sakes that he is spared and healed.


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