Signs of a Post Election Feeding Frenzy

There has been a strange, sudden jump in my blog stats yesterday and today – most particularly today. I had not posted anything but apparently folks were in some sort of frenzy looking for something to read. Maybe they thought I cared about the election since I was on the ballot and they were looking for me to go on some sort of rant about losing. That, dear readers, was not going to happen. No, I just threw my name onto the ballot so that there would be some sort of GOP slate, albeit an abbreviated one. Not that most of the Republicans in town would care whether or not they actually had candidates, but for appearances sake.

Mr. Hammond, who had been our representative on the Board of Assessment Appeals, had informed the SRTC that he was not sure whether or not his health would preclude him from running again, and that if he did decide to campaign later he would do it as a petitioning candidate. That left a vacancy on the ballot. Mr. Lloyd, who in the past has approached the SRTC for their endorsement, failed to do so and Madame Rumor had indicated he was not going to run again. So we had another vacancy on the ballot.

Imagine my dismay when I later discovered that both gentlemen applied as petitioning candidates after all. Both of them have served on their boards satisfactorily in past years and there was no reason for the voters not to re-elect them. I had occasion to see and speak with Mr. Lloyd at the Transfer Station over the summer, at which time I told him that had the SRTC known he wanted to run we would have welcomed him on the ballot again. I wished him well.

So I made no particular effort to campaign against either of them and was perfectly content to have them both re-elected to their respective boards. My congratulations go out to them both. They will no doubt continue to serve Salisbury quite well. Had I won either of the offices it would have been my pleasure to do my best on behalf of the town for the next two years. Happily for all concerned, that was not the way things turned out.

To those so suddenly and avidly scrutinizing my blog for anything more exciting than this about the municipal election results, I am not sorry to have disappointed you. I have other things to devote my time and energy to.


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