Rep. Roberta Willis Cries Wolf Against Law-Abiding Gun Owners

A few weeks ago I heard a news story claiming that 64th District Rep. Roberta Willis had been threatened in an email from a constituent who supports the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and who had taken exception to Willis’s anti-gun rights vote on recent anti-gun rights legislation in Hartford. Rep. Willis had made a report of the threatening to the Capitol Police who were investigating. The report also stated that Rep. Willis had commented that she had considered the constituent “a friend.”

My radar was instantly activated because whenever Roberta Willis claims that she “considered someone her friend,” she really means the exact opposite. I was on the receiving end of that claim in 2010 and have observed her using it on others since then. She also has the predictable Liberal propensity for wanting to appear the sweet, helpless, vulnerable victim. What better moment in time, after the Sandy Hook tragedy and our General Assembly and Gov. Malloy railroading through new laws trampling on what our rights to keep and bear arms, than to allege that some crazed Right-wing extremist Second Amendment proponent and gun owner has threatened Rep Willis.

I waited to hear the result of the investigation, and as I suspected there was nothing to it. Turns out the email read like some of mine to various Democratic Reps and Senators over the years with whom I was not happy after they made some hair-brained vote in favor of new over-bearing government intrusion on our lives. I told them in writing that I would do everything possible to make sure they were not re-elected. That, of course, is what most disgruntled citizens say when annoyed by their Senators and Representatives voting contrary to what the particular constituent wanted. It is commonly understood to mean energetic political action to oppose their re-election, and gets ignored if the constituent is from the opposition party.

Not so on this occasion. I recently learned who the constituent was – a person as I have known for about 35 years, or so. A person who never harmed the hair of anyone’s head and never would do so. Someone who has been an honest, hard-working, conscientious citizen, generous supporter and advocate for various local non-profit organizations that help the poor and elderly, the ambulance squad and fire department, as well as area animal rescues. Rep. Willis’ phony posturing and sympathy play (just wondering – did she and Curtie Rand go to the same political acting school?), designed to malign the law-abiding gun owners and Second Amendment supporters in CT, and her district in particular, was about as low as anyone could possibly go.

The gun owners, gun clubs and Second Amendment supporters in the 64th District need to wake up about Roberta Willis. Her high score on the NRA questionnaire and their assessment of her voting record is a fraud – completely meaningless. I have no doubt that Roberta Willis despises guns, has little to no knowledge or understanding of firearms, nor does she wish to be educated about them. Furthermore, she has no liking or respect for her constituents that exercise their right to bear arms, or their legitimate concern for having their rights stolen from them by a power-grabbing, dictatorial government.

She is a Left-wing politician who represents a very rural district with sportsmen and women and others who value their right to self-defense and the Second Amendment. She wants to be re-elected regularly. She pretends to support gun owner rights. She has the permission of her party, in order to protect her 64th District seat, to vote to protect gun owner rights during the normal legislative session. And of course she answers the NRA questionnaire correctly, if not honestly, as well.

It does not matter how she votes in a normal year because the Democrats have a super majority in the General assembly and the other Democrats will carry the day on any legislation to suppress Second Amendment rights. Roberta’s pro-gun vote looks good to the NRA, earns her a high score in their candidate ratings every election year, and her rural Second Amendment constituents naively keep voting for her.

This year she has shown her true colors. She had to be on the Sandy Hook tragedy bandwagon to obliterate the rights of law-abiding gun owners to keep and bear the arms they not only already legally own, but also may choose to own in the future. She has to placate and reassure her Liberal Progressive constituents, who are in a state of hysterical and irrational frenzy over the Sandy Hook disaster, convinced that banning everything under the sun in the way of legally owned firearms and ammunition, as well as making weapon permits all but impossible to obtain, will solve all the problems of the world with the wave of a magic legislative wand.

But that was not enough. After voting across the board with the anti-gun lobby and Gov. Malloy, she needed to grab a bit of sympathy as well as send a message of intimidation to Second Amendment supporters. She had to pretend that she had been threatened by one of those crazy pro-gun rights people and sic the police on the individual. Just to make sure that “those people” understand she has power as a Representative and on any flimsy excuse will send the cops after them if they dare express their displeasure with her anti-Second Amendment rights vote.

Lest anyone thinks I do not care about the horror that occurred in Sandy Hook, I was and still am appalled by the whole thing, and have made my own recommendations to Sen. Chapin and Rep. Willis on ways to improve school security statewide. Persecuting law-abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights was not one of them, nor will it do anything to prevent more such tragedies.

It is time to wake-up, NRA and Second Amendment proponents in the 64th District, as well as across the whole State of Connecticut. You must look beyond the surface at the voting records of your senators and representatives, and examine the demographics and geography of your district. The Democratic Party can afford to give their rural senators and reps permission to vote opposite the party line when it will keep their rural gun-owner constituents in line for elections.

But when it really matters for a major gun control grab, as in this year’s spring session, they will vote with their party and pass every measure possible to steal your rights and intimidate you with not-so-subtle police intimidation. Rep. Roberta Willis is not and never was friend of her Second Amendment constituents. She is not and never has been a friend of law-abiding gun owners in the 64th District or across the state.

Stop voting for these con-artists and start voting for candidates who are members of the CCDL, the NRA, the NAGR, are or have been members of gun clubs, who know which end of the gun is which, who understand that a magazine is not a bullet, and who can cite the Founding Fathers chapter and verse on the purpose of the Second Amendment.

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    Aug 17, 2013 @ 07:42:10

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    • Kathy Lauretano
      Oct 23, 2013 @ 09:33:34

      Sorry for the delay in reviewing and posting this comment. It is enigmatic, to say the least, when viewed as a comment on the particular blog post it was attached to. However, I suspect it is meant as a suggestion to me that I need to turn my attention to my physical health and exercise at the gym. In other words a comment on my weight. Typical Saul Alinsky tactic of ridiculing the opposition. And it is, of course, offered by someone who is completely ignorant of my health issues, the multiple inherited genetic problems contributing to weight problems that my physician and I have been battling for years now, ignorant that I walk about 20-25 miles weekly plus do weight training with our own equipment at home for exercise and have been on a healthy diet for years with the advice and support of the Sharon Hospital dietician. if, perchance this comment was offered out of sincere concern for my health, I thank the gentleman for his kind interest. If, however, it is in fact simply the insult I perceive it to be, please note that I am not intimidated by it and would advise you to engage your brain so as to be capable of intelligent debate of the issues at hand.


    • Kathy Lauretano
      Oct 23, 2013 @ 09:36:58

      And by the way, I have lost 25 lbs over the past year, so pound sand.


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